(More information provided in the PDF available for Download here)

*Cost of Shrine Security Coordinator, Security Guards, Event Insurance & Overtime not included.

Main Hall, Kitchen & Lounge Pricing


Guest Counts that are 0-250 people:
Monday-Thursday: $1,770
Friday: $2,770
Saturday: $3,370
Sunday after 3:30pm: $2,370
New Year’s Eve (12/31): $3,770
Guest Counts that are 251-450+ people:
Monday-Thursday: $2,120
Friday: $3,120
Saturday: $3,820
Sunday after 3:30pm: $2,820
New Year’s Eve (12/31): $4,420
  • Pricing is for an 8 hour event; 2 hour set up, 5 hour reception & 1 hour take down.
  • Side rooms (3) added on to the above rates are an additional $100 each.
  • Tables and chairs, as well as set up and tear down, are included.
  • Additional surcharge of $300 for guest counts over 450.
  • Holidays (not listed above): add $500 to corresponding daily rental fee.
Lounge ONLY Pricing

Maximum Guest Count is 50 people:


+ $250 set up & tear down fee

+ $60 cleaning fee

Side Rooms (3) ONLY

Maximum Guest Count is 25-50 people:

$370 per room

+ $250 set up & tear down fee

+ $60 cleaning fee

  • Pricing is for an 8 hour event; 2 hour set up, 5 hour reception & 1 hour take down.
  • Kitchen rental is an additional $250.
  • Tables and chairs are included.

Event Start Time: Monday-Saturday 8:00AM & Sunday 3:30PM

Event End Time: Sunday-Saturday 12:00AM

All clients and vendors must be out of the building 1 hour after event end time


  • Public Address System: $50
  • Electric Projection Screen: $50
  • Small Projection Screen: $25
  • A/V Tech: $26 per hour
  • Wired / Wireless / Lavaliere Microphones: $50 per microphone
  • Refundable Microphone Deposit: $600 per microphone
  • Overhead Projector: $50
  • Equipment Set up / Tear down: $50


  • Coffee Makers (4) 36 Cups: $25
  • Grand Piano: $100
  • Wi-Fi: No Charge

Additional Rental Fees & Information

  • 50% of the total building rental is due along with a signed contract to book a date. If booking with 90 days of the event date, the full balance is due.
  • Each event is required to provide a Certificate of Insurance, including Host Liquor Liability if serving alcohol. See separate page for details. This can be acquired through us for an additional $132.00.
  • Each event is required to have a Shrine Coordinator on site for the entire event.  They are $30/hour regular time and $40/hour overtime.
  • Weddings & Special Events are required to have Security Guards present. We will provide the security guards. The number of guards will vary based on guest count. They are $30/hour regular time and $40/hour overtime.
  • A Refundable Security Building Deposit of $2,000.00 is required for every event.
  • Additional hours may be purchased for a minimum of $150 per hour, based on availability. You may not purchase an hour to go past the Event End Time of 12:00AM. You can however purchase an additional hour for early access before 8:00AM, this will be for 1 hour ONLY and will be a fee of $200.
  • All items brought in by you must be taken out by your scheduled Out-By Time. This includes any decorations, linens, chairs, extra alcohol, etc. You must pick up all trash off the tables & floors as well and take it out to the dumpsters in the back of the building. We can provide you with garbage bins. If anything was spilt on the floor you are required to mop it up, we have the necessary equipment for you to do this.


  • There is no Service Charge or Corkage Fee for bringing in alcohol. It must be brought in during set up times and cannot be replenished during the event hours. Guests are not allowed to bring in their own alcohol.
  • Alcohol must be poured in the Lounge area. You may put 2 bottles of wine on each reception table if desired. These cannot be replenished either.
  • If selling alcohol we require an ABC Permit. We will provide you with information on how to acquire this.
  • It is recommended to hire a professional bartender.
  • For Weddings & Special Events there will be a security guard located at the Lounge doors checking I.D.’s. No one under 21 will be allowed in. We can provide you with wrist bands, if desired, so that I.D.’s only have to be checked once.
  • No alcohol is allowed outside.